13th March, 2018.

The Imperial Hotel, South Mall, Cork City.


Do you ever wonder why some people earn money so easily while others struggle?

Would you like to discover your true blueprint to your finances and how to shift it to earn a lot more?

How do you feel at the end of the week when all your bills are paid and there is not much left to spend the way you really want to spend it?

1% of the population in the world earn 96% of the money.  It’s not an accident, they just think differently!  Would you like to know how?

Are you interested in earning a lot and learning how to break down big numbers into small achievable goals?

Join us for a full hour packed with information that will bring your results and your income to another level!

During this event, you will learn:-

  • What makes successful people successful and how come they earn money easily
  • How to change your mindset to create the financial freedom you truly desire
  • How to break down big numbers into small achievable goals so that you can earn whatever you desire – a millon euro idea
  • Proven process to multiply your results and your income


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