The Proctor Gallagher institute has released an amazing new self-help program called Six Minutes to Success. Every morning you will receive a personal and powerful video from Bob or Sandy that will teach the secret Law of Attraction principles. These videos will include daily thoughts and actions that will raise your knowledge and awareness to manifesting abundance in your life in all areas.

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In a landmark coaching program, the Magic In Your Mind, Bob Proctor, Mary Morrissey and Sandy Gallagher actually coach you on how to develop each of your six higher mental faculties—Imagination, Intuition, Will, Perception, Memory and Reason.

Over the course of six weeks, Bob, Mary and Sandy will introduce you to some of the most earth-shaking and truly life-changing ideas you’ve ever heard about tapping into the power of your mind by learning to think in an orderly and creative manner

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The streaming club offers a chance to study on a weekly basis what Bob studied for half a century, and what he still studies.  Every week Bob or Sandy choose a passage from a book that has helped them to change their lives, and explain how using the knowledge from that book or passage can really change the state of mind of the person who understand the deep meaning in those books, and applies it.

The great thing in the streaming club is that it’s live! Because it is live you get to ask questions during the 60-minute study session and have them answered by Bob or Sandy themselves.   Having Bob answer a specific question you ask may give the missing piece of the puzzle to have the material fit into your daily routine.

Imagine having access to Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher, their inner circle and a community of like-minded individuals.  Plus, receive ongoing support, ideas and action steps to create momentum and ultimately achieve the life you really want!

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The New Lead the Field Coaching Program Overview

Make your income match your dreams and break away from your habitual way of living with The New Lead the Field Coaching program! Over the course of just 4 months (120 days) you will begin to earn more money, enjoy more freedom and experience deeper more meaningful relationships.

In this New Lead the Field Coaching Program, Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher will assist you in expanding your level of awareness by sharing the ancient truths and laws that Earl Nightingale so brilliantly buried in this award-winning personal development series of recordings.

They explain how and why universal laws govern your life. Your success is going to accelerate as you expose yourself to these 12 mind-expanding, life-enhancing, explosive and relevant segments.