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Ref: TIR (Thinking into results)

To whom it is concerned,

I undertook Geraldine O’Brien’s Thinking into Results course last July 2016.

I work as a sole trader in Human Resources, an occupation that requires a lot of self-assurance and confidence.

Geraldine has a vast wealth and knowledge as a business owner, and brings a vast wealth and knowledge as a coach

Geraldine provided me with a huge area of knowledge and self-development that has facilitate me with the tools to drive my own business forward and also the around the much needed area of self-development inn my personal life

My business and myselfwould not be progressing in the leaps and bounds that we are without the support of having Geraldine on board and the results TIR provides.

Knowledge is one thing, delivery is another and Geraldine can provide both.


Brendan Foley



I have worked as a cafe assistant for a number of years and decided to train as a Manager so I hired Geraldine O’Brien as my Coach.

Geraldine put me through her coaching system, which thought me skills such as how to communicate in a calm and effective manner both with the Director, Staff and customers.   I was promoted to a Manager’s position which I thoroughly enjoyed and after 2 years was promoted to a higher position of General Manager which I took on much more in-depth training and responsibilities and have now decided to stretch myself further and I am now in the process of owning my own business.  I would never have had the courage or skills to do this a number of years ago.

I would have had a low self esteem when I initially started this training but was shown interpersonal skills which enabled me to not take complaints personally but to assist the customer in every way to resolve the issue in a calm and professional manner.  I have a self-confidence now and feel I can accomplish any task I take on.  I have lifelong skills that I can apply to any area and I feel strong, empowered and so much happier in myself through this Coaching system and I would highly recommend it to any person.

I am forever grateful to Geraldine O’Brien’s Coaching.

Ivonna Nagle.




Before I took on this course I was a home-maker.  I never had a job since I finished my education.  Since Geraldine introduced me to her Coaching program my life has never been the same.  I was very nervous and had very low self-esteem.  Thinking Into Results increased my confidence.  Geraldine steered me through the course in depth detail explaining how to achieve my goals.  This coaching program has changed my life.  I have now set up my own business.  I am a qualified Holistic Therapist.  Due to the positive thinking I have gained from Geraldine’s program, I am now looking at my thriving new venture which is growing and expanding beyond my wildest dreams.


Josephine Coughlan